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george carr, d.d.s.


Dr. George Carr graduated from one of the elite dental schools in the country: University of Washington School of Dentistry.  His class' ranking of 2nd in the nation on one of the National Boards is an example of his school's expectations and demands to create a solid dental foundation.


Relocating from Washington to Arizona immediately after graduation, Dr. Carr took a step back from dental politics, but still maintained his membership with the American Dental Association and his local dental society.  Dr. Carr contributed to, and was a board member on the Arizona Dental Foundation.  During these times, he practiced in private and corporate settings.  Private practice was more fulfilling for Dr. Carr.  This is why he opened his own Tempe, Arizona practice. 


Whether interacting in large group settings, or even in settings as small as two people, many would describe Dr. Carr as a very sociable individual, mixed with kindness and genuineness.   These characteristics combined with his extensive dental experience, allow him to successfully communicate in the dental world, and especially with patients. 


​After more than two decades practicing in dentistry, Dr. Carr is starting to spend more time outside of dentistry having fun.   Besides his favorite of people-watching, he is a fan of hiking, free weights, chess, movies, and just relaxing with friends.  Although he only speaks English fluently, according to, he has a diverse ethnic background consisting of Korean, French, German, British, Irish, and Eastern European as well. 


To gain an additional perspective of who George Carr is, feel free to meet him in person in the office, and/or check out a few of the places he has been featured in:

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