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We Believe in Quality Dentistry


Besides having the morals and experience to understand what quality is, we  know how to deliver it, and we know how to see it.

The standard of care in dentistry does not require dentists to use magnifying glasses (loupes).  As a result, many dentists just use regular glasses while treating patients.  However, we are not just ordinary dentists.  We like perfection, and we aim to see it.

To facilitate this, we go out of our way and added expense to use loupes on most treatments.  Dr. Carr has many pairs of loupes, but prefers his Zeiss ones, over his Surgitel loupes and Orascoptic loupes.  Why?  Perhaps because many consider Zeiss the best.  


Please remember, dentists are working with fractions of millimeters.  As we see it, we don’t understand how dentists treat without them.

Additionally, the standard of care in dentistry does not require rubber dams during fillings. 


Although tooth colored fillings may look great, they are very technique sensitive to properly apply.  If saliva or other fluids interfere with the fillings’ bonding and placement, the fillings are more likely to have a greater probability of hypersensitivity, and may not last as long.

We prefer to go out of our way to increase comfort and duration of our fillings.  To accomplish this, we offer the use of rubber dams as a courtesy:  no additional fee.  If a patient elects no rubber dam, then we do not have to use the rubber dam.  Rubber dams are mainly for the patient’s benefit, not ours.  

Our goal is to give patients great treatment, and to increase oral health literacy.

We appreciate and thank you for trusting us with your smile.

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