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Team Profiles




Born in Houston and raised in Phoenix, Roxann is a lover of cooking, traveling, and do-it-yourself challenges. 


She is married to her best friend Brandon.   Together, they nurture three rescue Rottweilers.  However, her adventure gene didn’t start expressing there.  Years ago, she decided to explore Southeast Asia for nearly ten years.  When she returned to Arizona, she needed to evolve more.  So, she received her Associates degree along with her dental assisting certification.  This is where she found her passion!


She started her dental career as a specialty dental assistant, then treatment coordinator, to then leading various dental teams. “It gives me great joy to see the smiles I can help create with my team. To be a part of a group who collectively aim to inspire healthy beautiful smiles, is a blessing.”


When she’s not elated (or periodically heartbroken) watching her AZ Cardinals play. She volunteers with dental clinics such as Team Smile and Az Mission of Mercy.


Lastly, Roxann’s current favorite word is critters.




An Arizona native who has enjoyed living in both small towns and big city settings. She prefers being surrounded by animals rather than big buildings, but the joy of meeting new people and making an impact on their dental health has kept her happy and active in the valley.


When others may have been hesitant hiring a fairly fresh dental assistant out of school, Dr. Carr saw Nancy’s potential and hired her immediately.  10+ years of being in this office, she has worked her way from being a dental assistant, treatment coordinator, back-office manager, office manager, and now to offsite accounting.  She loves numbers and logic.  Perhaps this is why Nancy strives to have solid answers to challenging dental questions.  Her curiosity and enjoyment for winning enables her to succeed for herself, and for her patients.


Nancy’s favorite word is Family.




BreAnna comes from the same rainy state as Dr. Carr left, Washington State. 


Prior to her maturity to Arizona, she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do. Thankfully, a friend encouraged her to try out dentistry.  Although dentistry wasn’t even in Bre’s vocabulary at the time, Bre grew to love being a dental assistant, and still appreciates her friend for the encouragement.  A year later, we are lucky she joined our team.


Cat lover she is for sure.  Although her cat shares the same name as a fellow team member’s child, Bre says it is pure coincidence.


Bre is a sports fan mostly for her father.  In other words, for some great father-daughter time, when she roots for the Seahawks, her father tells her she is a loyal and true daughter, but only during football of course.


Do not be tricked by her reserved stature.  Once you start talking to her, she may not stop.  So talker beware. 


BreAnna’s favorite word is weekends.



Back-Office Lead Assistant

Emily is an Arizona Native born and raised in Gilbert Arizona. She is a proud mother of 3 beautiful children:  two girls and one boy. In her free time, she loves to be outdoors, travel, and spend time with family and friends.


She began her dental career 9 years ago as a dental assistant.  Now she is the lead dental assistant in the back-office.  She seriously loves being able to help and interact with our patients.  A constant stimulus which helps get Emily to the office every day is knowing she gets to help patients leave with a smile.


If you haven’t met Emily yet, do not worry.  The odds are very high you will.  You may actually hear her before you meet her, since she is constantly laughing and having a great time with the patients.  Beware though, her laughs are so contagious, you may forget where you are.


Emily’s favorite word is family.




Born and raised in a small town in upstate New York, April looks forward to working with her patients every day.  She takes pride in helping educate people on their oral health.  Because she knows deep down, the healthier a person’s oral health is, the more likely they will have a vibrant and confident smile every day.


While not at the office, April enjoys spending time with family and friends.  Some of her favorite outdoor activities are camping, hiking, skiing, or kayaking.  Additionally, April also loves volunteering her spare time as a cheerleading coach for Pop Warner. 


If you didn’t already guess, for the last 7+ years in this office, April quietly cheers each tooth to get back to prime oral health.  But we all know, teeth need more than just cheers.  They also need a good diet combined with brushing and, of course, flossing. 


April’s favorite word is Floss.

Live to smile new.png



She emanates silent happiness, and is mature beyond her years!


Dr. G


Dr. Preetiza Dixit Gyawali, also known as Dr. G, loves education.   Not only did she get a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) and Master of Dental Sciences degrees (MDS) in Prosthodontics and Oral and Maxillofacial Prosthetics from Manipal College of Dental Sciences in India, but that was not enough for her.  She wanted more.  Next, was a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from University of Colorado. 


Dr. Gyawali believes that oral health goes hand-in-hand with one’s overall health. She is a certified member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IOAMT).  She takes pride in her work and always puts her best efforts towards patient satisfaction.  Dr. Gyawali has a calm demeanor and is very personable.  She is also a fan of the belief:  all relations are built over mutual respect.  As such, she takes pride in respecting her patients’ schedules and enjoys promptly responding to her patients’ questions.

Wondering if she can understand you?  Well, the odds are high when she is fluent in three languages:  Hindi, Nepali and English. 

Dr. Gyawali calls Chandler, Arizona her home.  She lives with her husband Dr. Rabi Gyawali and two kids, a boy, and a girl, aged 13 and 10.   When not practicing dentistry, she enjoys hiking, swimming, gardening, and spending time with family.  She has even hiked three peaks above 14,000 ft in Colorado!


Dr. G’s favorite word is calm.



Treatment Coordinator

Originally from California, Betty has made Arizona her home for over 35 years. More than 25 of those years have been spent helping patients reach their dental goals! Of those 25+ years, we are fortunate to have had at least 7 of those spent in this office.  She is typically one of the first team members you get to see when visiting the office.


In addition, all of those years have been shared with her husband Mike. They have three children, and one grandchild. She enjoys camping, hiking and the outdoors.  Although she loves living in Arizona, her favorite place to visit is the ocean.


Her favorite word is .




Hygienist Nam was not always a hygienist in the dental world.  Her dental fitness started as a dental receptionist, then an assistant, then a hygienist.  She loves providing exceptional care to our diverse patient pool.   With her experience in numerous positions in the dental office, she has a unique perspective on how to help patients achieve their goals of great oral health. 


Overall physical fitness is important to Nam as well.  She enjoys going to the gym with her spouse of 8+ years.  When they are taking a break from the gym, they sometimes take trips to California to visit their extended family. 


Additionally, although she is petite, she is a big jokester at heart.  If you give her the opportunity to have fun while she helps you obtain that sparkly and fresh cleaning, you just may leave laughing as well.


Lastly, her favorite word is Gucci.


Dr. George Carr


Dr. George Carr graduated from one of the elite dental schools in the country: University of Washington School of Dentistry.  His class' ranking of 2nd in the nation on one of the National Boards is an example of his school's expectations and demands to create a solid dental foundation.


Relocating from Washington to Arizona immediately after graduation, Dr. Carr took a step back from dental politics, but still maintained his membership with the American Dental Association and his local dental society.  Dr. Carr contributed to, and was a board member with the Arizona Dental Foundation.  During these times, he practiced in private and corporate settings.  Private practice was more fulfilling for Dr. Carr.  This is why he opened his own Tempe, Arizona practice. 


Whether interacting in large group settings, or even in settings as small as two people, many would describe Dr. Carr as a very sociable individual, mixed with kindness and genuineness.   These characteristics combined with his extensive dental experience, allow him to successfully communicate in the dental world, and especially with patients. 


​After more than two decades practicing in dentistry, Dr. Carr is starting to spend more time outside of dentistry, broadening his enjoyment of life.  He married Maelvy in December 2022.  While Maelvy brought her teenage daughter into the family, Maelvy and Dr. Carr adopted two baby Italian Greyhounds named Nacho and Kimchi into the family as well. 


Besides family, he enjoys people-watching, hiking, free weights, chess, movies, and just relaxing with friends.  Although he only speaks English fluently, according to 23andMe, he has a diverse ethnic background consisting of Korean, French, German, British, Irish, and Eastern European as well. 


Dr. Carr is a fan of happy people.  Granted not everyone he gets to communicate with is initially happy, but deep down, he likes to see if he can help people become happier.  


Sometimes it only takes a few words to enlighten people.  Sometimes it only takes a smile.   He never knows what it will take.  But he would rather fail trying, than fail to try.


Although he is more of a realist in life, he tries to get everyone to be more optimistic.  More optimistic people are generally happier.  Happier people generally smile more.  So, some could say his optimism helps his job security, by helping people Live to Smile.

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